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Timothy Tuschinski

Timothy Tuschinski


Timothy Tuschinski is a devoted husband, father, and paraplanner whose life is marked by a steadfast commitment to serving others. His guiding ethos, 'Seeking to Understand,' led him to forge the Ataraxis System—a personalized approach that delves deep into diagnosing family values, breaking down financial requirements, and harmoniously integrating every household concern into a unified, comprehensive plan. Together with his wife and co-creator of Ataraxis, Timothy champions the vision that all-inclusive wealth planning should be accessible to all, not just the privileged few.

A proud alumnus of Jacksonville University, Timothy holds a degree in Finance and earned an MBA with a focus on Finance and Public Policy from the Naval Post-Graduate School.

Timothy's illustrious career took flight in the Navy as an F/A-18 fighter pilot. His life was marked by several combat deployments while balancing the joy of a blossoming family. Later, he took on the role of an Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer, expertly managing the cost, schedule, and performance of cutting-edge Navy technology for 14 years. Leveraging his financial management acumen and a background in systems engineering, he decided to fuse his personal finance fervor into a bespoke service for others in the wake of his 23-year naval tenure.

Tim and his wife Michelle, who's not just a savvy attorney but also the light of his life, have been married since 2005. Their journey together has taken them across continents, embracing the full spectrum of life experiences, and weaving a tapestry of friendships with many special families along the way. Now as a veteran, Tim now relishes his days back in his home state, basking in the tranquility that comes with living by the sun-kissed shores and a community he loves. As parents to three vibrant boys and an adorable daughter, Tim and Michelle's lives are a delightful whirlwind of athletics, school activities, and heartfelt service in their parish’s ministries.