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Smart Retirement Planning for Families

Age with Confidence knowing your assets are safeguarded


DuPont Wealth Solutions is Now Advocate Wealth Solutions

This past year has been incredible for DuPont Wealth. As we continue expanding our service and welcome more advisors to our team, we've decided to rebrand with a new name that reflects our teamwork mentality. We'll continue to provide you with 5-star holistic service in 2024!

Secure Your Dream Retirement

We do our best work with people that...

  • Have worked hard to save throughout their life,
  • Played by the rules, and
  • Built a sizeable nest egg for themselves and their family.

If that sounds like you, NOW is the time to protect your savings and make your money work harder for YOU.

If you engage in our proprietary Age with Confidence process, you'll...

  • Have a definite plan to guide you through retirement
  • Know exactly what steps you need to take to get there
  • Understand all the potential outcomes

You’ll also know if we are the right partners for your financial journey through life.

At Advocate Wealth Solutions, we’ll never try to talk you into hiring us or buying a particular product. In fact, we operate completely free from institutional or product influence. You’ll always receive unbiased guidance from us.

We also promise to develop custom solutions that empower you to confidently live the life you design and leave the legacy you desire.

How Can We Help You?

We offer a wide array of services to help you Age with Confidence.

Reliable Retirement Income

Reduce unnecessary risk in your portfolio with an optimized income strategy

Learn More

Minimize Taxes

Cut your tax bill and leave more income for your family

Learn more

Eliminate Debt

Become Debt Free 4 Life ™

Learn more

Invest Smart

Our first in class technology protects you from emotional investing, maximizing your potential for success


Plan Wisely

Ensure that your estate plan is taken care of when your assets pass to your heirs

Learn more

Protect Your Assets

Protect your lifesavings from the devastating costs of healthcare

Learn more

5 Ways to Stay Confident in Retirement

Learn how to calculate your potential costs and income during retirement with our free eBook.

Success Stories
Why Our Clients Stay with Us

Read real experiences from our clients.

Gary B.<br/>

Gary B.

Retired Librarian
“It’s a relaxed atmosphere. It’s like a conversation with somebody you’ve known for a long time. But when it comes to getting things done, it’s definitely all business and it runs so well. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for everything I need, between the taxes and financial planning.”

Ellen M.

Ellen M.

Business Professional
“[Greg’s] thorough understanding of the legal implications of our decisions and his expert guidance has given us comfort in knowing that our assets are safe going forward. What we appreciated the most is how attentive and patient he is…He took time to walk us through everything and gave us the time to come to the best scenarios for us with no pressure whatsoever. We appreciated working with him so much that we referred him to both our sons and parents. Greg is a trusted partner and friend, and we highly recommend him!”

Betsy B.

Betsy B.

Business Professional
“What I’ve really enjoyed, working with Greg and his whole team, is there’s just a completeness of information. They’re willing to explain complex topics. In addition, there’s a newsletter that’s sent every month and there’s always something valuable in there.”

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